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What are Seprols?

They were commonly used in the Water Authorities. They had inbuilt modems which made them highly suitable for remote sites such as pumping stations and so on. Even ten years ago they were the only "PLC" that could easily use a modem!

The Seriol RTU are suitable for use as PLC but Seprol now refer to them as Programmable Telemetry Controllers (PTCs) to differentiate them from PLC & RTU.

What sort of language do they use?

A sort of backwards basic, eg:
Let 3=x
makes x equal to 3. Not too bad I suppose but
Let y=x
is always confusing. It's supposed to sort of be like ladder (the flow of instructions going from left to right).

The later versions of the software which allow full tag names are actually rather good.

They can now be programmed in SerGraf-1131 which provides all 5 programming languages.

Which Seprol PLCs can you program?
All of them (see below)
Seprol 50
Seprol 100
Seprol 200
Seprol 500
Seprol 1000
Seprol 1200

Seprol Graphics Systems

What Seprol Graphics Systems are there? Seprol do not supply graphics systems but some graphic systems had links to Seprol units.


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