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MR Control Ltd Business PLC Training MR Control Ltd

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We supply PLC training courses for many PLCs. For more details look below:

  • Siemens TIA S7-1200 PLC Training
  • Siemens TIA S7-1500 PLC Training
  • Siemens S7-200 PLC Training
  • Siemens S7-300 PLC Training
  • Siemens S7-400 PLC Training
  • Siemens Step 5 S5 PLC Training (includes S5-90, 95, 115, 135, 155 etc)
  • Rockwell ControlLogix & CompactLogix PLC Training (RSLogix 5000)
  • Rockwell SLC PLC Training (RSLogix 500)
  • RSLogix 5 PLC Training
  • RSViewStudio Training
  • FactoryTalk View Studio ME & SE Training
  • RSView32 Training
  • Rockwell ViewStudio ME and ViewStudio SE Training
  • Allen Bradley Communication Links (Data Highway, DH+, Remote I/O, DeviceNet, Controlnet and Ethernet)
  • Rockwell RSBizWare PlantMetrics, Historian, RSSQL Training

We supply ON SITE and OFF SITE PLC training courses in many PLC and SCADA systems. These include:

  • Introduction to PLC Programming
  • Intermediate PLC Programming
  • Maintenance PLC Programming
  • Advanced PLC Programming
  • Specific PLC programming (eg Siemens, AB, Mitsubishi)
  • Introduction to SCADA graphics (Intouch, Fix etc)
  • Intermediate SCADA graphics
  • Advanced SCADA graphics
  • Specific SCADA programming (eg Intouch, Fix, WinCC, RSView)
  • We always customise the training to your specific PLCs and your specific needs

    In beginner and intermediate courses we concentrate on exercises so you get 1st hand experience in the problems you will get writing PLC code - not just the theoretical problems

    We can examine your site PLC distribution and train you on what you NEED TO KNOW

    We ensure the training (either at your factory/offices or in our inhouse training facility) clearly tells you the problems you will face and how to deal with them.

    Where possible we backup and then fault find on your PLCs at your site using your software. This ensures the backup is correct and available and also that you start to understand your ladder.




    "I can't remember what I learnt at the last course I went on"

    "They taught us the wrong stuff"

    "I haven't used it for so long"

    This is a common complaint of (other) training courses.

    We specialise in "maintenance training". This is a customised course with the specific aim of ensuring the trainees can fault find the PLCs you have on site.

    What we then do is to supply simple manuals with just the important bits in them (so these can be used, months or even years later) so the right information is immediately available.

    This manual typically contains step by step information on how to:

    • go online to your PLC
    • make a PLC backup
    • reload a PLC backup
    • fault find (Stage 1)

    which is sufficient for a 1st level diagnosis (and ensuring you have a latest backup will solve many of your problems!)


    Training as part of standard contracts

    PLC Training is an important part of MR Control contracts. Many customers believe that good control system support requires their personnel to be trained to a level such that they can at least:

  • reload PLCs
  • backup PLCs
  • determine causes of PLC failure (Major faults)
  • perform minor modifications to PLC programs
  • reload SCADA systems
  • backup SCADA systems
  • perform minor modifications to SCADA & graphics programs

    For larger clients we normally supply training manuals specifically configured relevant to the system on site - these manuals then become maintenance manuals as well as training documents.

    In many projects we supply Operator Manuals to ensure the operator and maintenance personnel have full access to required documentation.






    For further details, please ring our Training Co-ordinator Chris Hawkins on

    (UK) 0117 982 6608
    (outside UK) +44 117 982 6608

    or email us: Click Here to Contact MR Control




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