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Help for Rockwell

Control Logix

(Logix5000) PLCs

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Control Logix

RS5000 programmable PLCs

Which Rockwell Control Logix PLCs can you program?
All of them!


Logix 5000 programming

Rockwell's current range of large PLCs - very useful when fast processing is required and powerful when used with machine motion systems (which are very simple to configure). They are possibly expensive otherwise compared to the SLC range.

The Logix 5550 and now the Logix 5555 have large amounts of memory (at last!) and use a TAG based ladder programming language, which will certainly prove popular with professional programmers, but may not find favour with occassional users....however when used correctly this will greatly aid fault finding and other maintenance.

Which CPUs are available?

Control Logix

These CPUs are compatible with each other and form the high powered end - the Control Logix CPU family:

  • 1756-L1 Control Logix5550 Controller
  • 1756-L53 Control Logix5553 Controller
  • 1756-L55 Control Logix5555 Controller
  • 1756-L63 Control Logix5556 Controller

Other processors are also available and form other families (which can also be programmed with the RS5000 software)

The CompactLogix (low-end) range:

  • 1769-L20 CompactLogix5320 Controller
  • 1769-L30 CompactLogix5330 Controller

The FlexLogix (middle) range:

  • 1794-L33 FlexLogix5433 Controller
  • 1794-L34 FlexLogix5434 Controller

and other ranges:

  • 1789-L60 SoftLogix5860 Controller
  • PowerFlex 700S DriveLogix5720 Controller
  • PowerFlex 700SE DriveLogix5725 Controller


Rockwell Allen Bradley

Programming Software RSLogix 5000

Software Example

Example of the new TAG based Logix5000 Ladder

Which Rockwell or Allen Bradley programming software do you use?
There are many old versions (which, in on-line terms, are not really compatible with each other), you really have to upgrade to the latest one....which is currently version 11 of RSLogix5000.

Rockwell RSLogix 5000

Windows based software - unlike pretty much all other PLC software this uses tagnames only to program with - you no longer use N7:20 or B3/41 but you use sensible (hopefully) names such as "EStopHealthyBit" or "Pump1HoursRun". This will make the ladder logic clearer to understand. Maybe.

Requires a mouse (which is of course a problem for industrial sites!)

There are various current versions of the Logix5000 Programming Software available depending on what family of processors you require for your project. The three versions are for programming these families use the following CPUs:

  • Control Logix (top end systems)
  • FlexLogix
  • CompactLogix

We must assume Rockwell's intention is that one day the microLogix and SLC family will be phased out and everyone will use Logix5000.

Rockwell RSNetworx for DeviceNet software

Used to program the DeviceNet I/O bus. Always ensure you have the *very* latest version of the module EDS files (and don't forget the 121 ohm resistors!)

Rockwell RSNetworx for ControlNet software

Like the DeviceNet software, this is required to program the ControlNet links used to:

  1. Link Control Logix PLCs
  2. Program Control Logix PLCs
  3. Connect Expansion Racks
Rockwell Panelbuilder32 and Panelbuilder16 Required to program the panelview range of operator panels
Rockwell RS Linx Required to link PCs to PLCs for Rockwell software. Various versions are available, lite for PLC programming, higher versions for linking (for example) Intouch and Excel .


Tags Example

Here an example of a the tags from a very small program is shown. This layout has many advantages and some disadvantages. You can see all the tags and their values quite easily. You can see dependent tags (ie a high Speed Counter Tag would have "Current value", "Preset", "high alarm" (etc). dependent tags which are all connected to the main tag). You can easily find any dependent tags, which will save hours of poring over manuals trying to find (for example) which N10:xx tag is the high speed counter preset limit. In theory at least, errors through mistyping a number (ie typing N7:1 instead of N7:2) will be greatly reduced.

Some Disadvantages


Motion Control Example

Here an snippet of an example of a motion control system. Many specific motion control commands are built into the programming language such as:

These inbuilt instructions allow complex motion control systems to be created quickly and reliably.


Rockwell Allen Bradley Operator Panels

for Control Logix

Panelview Software Configuration
Which Allen Bradley Graphics Systems can you program to go with the Control Logix CPUs? Most of them


The panelview range is consists of reliable, functional units with reasonable configuration software. The range is continually expanding. Control Logix can be linked using the following interfaces:

  1. RS232 (using the Control Logix Programming Port but you'll probably require another card for programming, as below)
  2. ControlNet (using an Add-on card)
  3. Ethernet (using an Ethernet Add-on card)
  4. DH+ (using an Add-on card)
  5. Remote I/O (RIO) (using an Add-on card)


RS FactoryTalk View

Rockwell's reasonable top end SCADA system


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