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PLC & HMI Programming

Information on MR Control

MR Control Ltd

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Last update 16th Nov 2021

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Information on MR Control

Who are we? We are a PLC software company based in Bristol, UK, just off junction 18 of the M5, supplying PLC and SCADA software for a multitude of Process Control Industries. We specialise in Rockwell PLC, Scada and Bizware Applications.
Which PLCs do we support? All of them, the main manufacturers being Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Seprol, Omron, Satt, Toshiba, Telemechanique, Square-D, GE Fanuc, GEC GEM, Klockner Moeller and many others
Which SCADA systems do we use?

There are very many SCADA systems out there, far more than the number of PLC manufacturers. We have used: Siemens WinCC, Siemens Protool/Pro, Wonderware InTouch, FactoryLink, Rockwell RSView32, Rockwell RSViewStudio SE and ME, SoftPLC VIEWpoint, Citect, Fix, AFE, FLS ECS and many more

Protool/Pro SCADA System

Which MIS systems do we use? Many systems, currently Rockwell's RSBizware is our most popular system
What industries do we work in?
  1. Food Production
  2. Automobile Production
  3. Waste Water Handling
  4. Clean Water Supply
  5. Iron and Steel Manufacturing
  6. Environmental Control
  7. Oil and Gas Process
  8. Power Generation
  9. Chemical and Petrochemical Process
  10. Brewing (Germination)
  11. Packaging and Packing Machines
  12. Many others.....
In what sort of applications?

Our software makes Cream Crackers, clean water in Bristol, Liverpool and North and South Wales, cleans dirty water in Yorkshire and West Wales, flavours crisps, makes Beer, Club Biscuits, packs chemical sachets, monitors wraps and rewraps paper, water levels in London, packages chocolate fingers, control the motor industry, runs fast packaging machines and many, many others

What else do we do?

We produce Vision Systems for the car and food industry, custom Visual BASIC and C++ programs for communication and general usage, plus we design web pages for the process control industry.

Details of our PLC Training Courses

Allen Bradley

We hold Allen Bradley training sessions on all RSlogix programs (RSLogix 5, RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5000 and Panelview) plus intermediate advanced courses such as Allen Bradley Communications (DH485, Data highway and DH+, DeviceNet and Ethernet).

We can also support training courses in the older programming software such as the AB6200 and APS SLC systems.

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We provide many regular Siemens training courses for all Siemens PLCs (S5, S7-200, S7-300 and S7-400). We provide beginner, intermediate and advanced training courses to suit all of your business, production and maintenance requirements.

We can also provide Siemens Profibus training sessions detailing how to create, link and diagnose faults on the Profibus system when linked to Siemens PLCs.

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PLCs we can program

Allen Bradley

We can program the entire Allen Bradley range. This includes Allen Bradley MicroLogix (RSLogix 500), PLC2, PLC3, PLC5 (5/10, 5/11, 5/15, 5/25, 5/40, 5/60 and all others, using RSLogix 5 or AB6200 software) , SLC 500 (5/01, 5/02, 5/03, 5/04 and 5/05) series (which use the RSLogix 500 software) and ControlLogix (Logix5550, Logix5555 series and later) systems plus FlexLogix and Compact Logix (all of which use RSLogix 5000). We also support the AB PLC3 and PLC2 systems.

We program the whole current range of Siemens PLCs from the lower range S7-200 series through the S7-300 series to the S7-400 top of the range systems. We have considerable experience in the previous S5 range, from the S5-90U to the S5-155U. This includes many obsolete systems such as the Siemens S5 100, S5 105, S5 110, S5 130, S5 150 etc.
we program all Mitsubishi PLCs from the early F1, F2 and FX PLCs to the A1 A2 and A3 series and now the FX0N and all the A series PLCs
we program all Seprols
We have considerable experience in Telemechanique systems.
Easy to program, getting more popular
Simply programmed such as the Toshiba EX series
We can program the Sattcon 05-15, 05-25, 05-45, 05-65 and the OP45 operator panels
(Toshiba clones)
FORTH programmed control units
Easy to program but rather limited functionality and poor programming software
Gem 80 & Microgem
Not our favourite PLCs (since the programming software is so awful) but we can program them
GE Fanuc
We can program this range of small PLCs
Sprecher & Shue
We have converted several system from these PLCs
Struthers & Dunn
We have recently converted three systems from these PLCs to modern PLCs
Standard add-on systems, robust and reliable
Klocker Moeller
Easy to configure PLCs




General SCADA

We develop and install many different types of SCADA systems
(SCADA stands for "Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition").

There are over 300 "SCADA" systems sold in the UK, we can configure all of the most popular of these systems. Here are a small selection of some of them...

Wonderware: Intouch
Very powerful and popular system, easy to configure and very flexible
Intellution: Fix & iFix
Most popular system, easy to configure and very flexible
US Data: FactoryLink
Very popular system

AB Rockwell PanelView, AB Rockwell PanelView Plus, AB Rockwell VersaView,

Allen Bradley's Operator Interfaces (uses PanelBuilder and now ViewStudio software) for PV 500, PV 900, PV 1000, PV 1200, PV 1400 and the new Panelview Plus and VerasView ranges.
AB Rockwell RSView32
Rockwell's Top end SCADA system has all the features you would expect to link to Allen Bradley and other PLCs
Allen Bradley's bottom end Operator Interfaces. We also program and replace Allen Bradley T30 operator interfaces
Mitsubishi Beijer
Mitsubishi Beijer operator interfaces - easy to configure
Simple Uniop operator interfaces (also badged as Klockner Moeller)
Siemens Protool/Pro
Siemen's Scada Software for running on PCs such as the OP35, OP37, and industrial PCs etc
Siemens Protool
Siemen's Operator Panel Software for OP5, OP7, OP27, OP37, OP40, TD17, etc
Siemens Win CC / Coros
Siemen's top end SCADA Software
Simple and easy to program graphics system. The DDE driver doesn't work reliably we found (to our expense)
Teledenken (now SoftPLC) graphic system - DOS based but robust and flexible
Compatible with Allen Bradley T30, best programmed in a form of BASIC
Once the best systems available, now sadly gone



PLC Communications

We fault find and develop communication links between all of the following:
Information from SCADA companies is often poorly detailed (although it is getting better slowly) and experience in having already connected PLC systems is always useful
We recently linked Opto 22 to Siemens via a custom protocol unit
PLC to MIS System
Linking the shop floor to (for example) a quality assurance system via Industrial Ethernet


Communication Summary:


We have significant communications experience with all PLC serial and network links linking to SCADA and intelligent peripherals using point-to-point, multi-drop and network communications links.

RS232 Serial Links

Also called:

  • RS423
  • COM ports (on a PC)
  • Siemens 3964R (sometimes)
  • Allen Bradley DF1
  • Many, many others

    RS232 type serial links link one PLC (or computer) to one other PLC (or other computer). PLCs always have custom protocols (often proprietary so the full details are not published). We specialise in linking PLCs and SCADA systems with unusual or unknown serial links.

  • RS485 Serial Links

    Also called:

  • Allen Bradley DF1 (on SLC 485)
  • Allen Bradley SLC Programming
  • Siemens MPI and Siemens PPI
  • Siemens Profibus DP

    Occasionally called "networks" these are again software-wise similar to 20mA in that they have master (normally one) and slave links. Some systems (such as Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 (and below) PLCs) have extended RS485 which can cope with multiple master PLCs which then work in a token ring principle.

  • 20mA Serial Links

    Also called:

  • Siemens AS511
  • Siemens 3964R (sometimes)

    Generally just Siemens use these nowadays. In software terms it's the same as RS232 except that you can have multidrop links (ie one master, many slaves). They are not as reliable as RS485, since one faulty link (or powered down PLC) in the chain can stop a large amount (sometimes all) of the network from working.

  • Other networks

We also use the following:

  • Siemens MPI, Siemens PPI (both of which are variations on RS485)
  • Profibus L2, Profibus DP, Profibus FMS Networks, ASI, ASI safe
  • Siemens Ethernet and H1 Networks (both programming and SCADA)
  • Siemens L1 Networks
  • Siemens AS511, 3964 and 3964R

Allen Bradley/Rockwell Networks

Data Highway Plus (DH+ for PLC5 and SLC 5/04, both programming and SCADA)

Remote I/O (RIO) (typically I/O links for PLC3 and PLC5 systems)

Rockwell 485 (SLC) Connections (SLC 5/01. 5/02 and 5/03)

Data Highway (PLC3)

ControlNet (typically used for control or I/O links for ControlLogix, FlexLogix or CompactLogix systems)

DeviceNet (a Fieldbus system, often used on SLC and PLC5 systems)


In-house factory testing


Motion Process Control

We have used the Siemens FM modules plus the Sinumerik system extensively, click here for further details
Many other CNC systems are available, most of which are unique. We have experience in several systems and will help to diagnose your problems

Other Programming

We also write custom software in the following languages
Vision systems and CNC editing programs
Visual BASIC
in Visual BASIC, we recently wrote a analogue to digital conversion program which included trending and data logging
Recently used for linking the shop floor to a quality assurance system in Dublin
Turbo Pascal
Simple, quick DOS applications




Contacting Us
Company Address

MR Control Ltd
Unit 5, Avonbank Industrial Estate
West Town Road
Bristol BS11 9DE

Telephone (UK)
Telephone (Outside UK)

0117 982 6608

+44 117 982 6608

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