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MR Control Ltd

SCADA and Graphics Expertise

Systems & Upgrades

Graphic Systems (Siemens Protool Pro) Siemens Protool Pro


There are very many SCADA systems out there, far more than the number of PLC manufacturers. We have used (and are using regularly):

  1. WinCC
  2. Siemens Protool
  3. Siemens Protool/Pro
  4. Wonderware InTouch
  5. FactoryLink
  6. Rockwell (Allen Bradley) RSView,
  7. SoftPLC VIEWpoint
  8. Citect
  9. Fix
  10. AFE
  11. FLS ECS
  12. and many more....


Old Graphics Systems
Siemens WF470

we have considerable experience in replacing old or unreliable graphics systems with newer better systems.

Replacement Systems
Systems such as the Allen Bradley T30 shown here can be replaced with PC based systems - this removes reliance one particular supplier for the hardware part of the system. PCs are a much better choice for this type of graphic system - the hardware can readily be replaced at reasonable cost. Allen Bradley T30

Cement Industry SCADA Screen

Our engineers are familiar with a wide variety of graphic systems, such as InTouch, FactoryLink & FactoryLink ECS, AFE (all variants), VIEWpoint, FIX & FIX DMACS, Siemens COROS, Citect, FLS ECS and many others.

Cement Mill
Siemens Protool v5.1 Configuration
Siemens Protool

There is a surprisingly wide variety of graphic systems (over a hundred produced in the UK alone) and no one company could possibly supply personnel with experience in all of them, but use of many graphic systems and types of communication links, adds up to a high degree of capability of quickly producing working systems.

Food Industry SCADA Screen
We have extensive knowledge of communication links from PLC to PLC or PLC to SCADA/graphic systems. Communication problems are notorious for being time-consuming and MR Control Ltd's experience in 'comms' fault finding will reduce these delays to a minimum. [IMAGE]

Siemens Protool Pro

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