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MR Control Ltd Example Projects performed by our Engineers MR Control Ltd

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Completed projects include....

PLC Programming in Plymouth for an automation company. This is maintaining a large number of PLCs, including Siemens, Rockwell, and several others. Siemens Classic and Siemens TIA are currently being installed on several new projects for controlling and maintaining temperature for a manufacturing process.

Overseer Systems Ltd

Replacement of several obsolete Overseer Systems Ltd HMIs with Siemens and Allen Bradley PLCs and HMIs. The Overseer unit was controlling the line and we had to analyse the control system's method of production (since no control logic was available) to replace this Overseer HMI with a new maintainable unit within 5 working days of the total system failure of the Overseer unit.

This system was a weighing and blending control system making adhesive paste to fixed recipes. The new system had additional recipes and control actions plus better reliability over the old Overseer Systems Ltd control HMI..

Overseer Systems Ltd

Replacement of an old Promtek SW900 weighing PLC controller with a current Siemens S7 System. Again no control logic was available but our current weigh (weighment and blending) control system made the task simple. An S7-300 Siemens PLC with OP270 Protool Colour unit was used to update the system. A Remote PC running Protool/Pro gathers OEE and downtime information to provide longer term analysis.

We have also replaced other Promtek StoraWeigh weighing and blending control system units in the past such as the SW9000 and SW500 systems.

The replacement system was in production the day after it was installed.

  • Upgrades of the MIS Bulk Ingredient Monitoring system to track ingredient usage at The Jacob's Bakery, Liverpool. This involved a SoftPLC VIEWpoint SCADA system linked on seven site-wide networks to over 40 PLCs to extract bulk ingredient usage from each process. Bulk Monitoring
  • Installation of Operating Equipment Efficient OEE System for checking downtime at The Jacob's Bakery, Liverpool. This involved a SoftPLC VIEWpoint SCADA system linked on six site-wide networks to 15 PLCs to extract downtime information for each layer of the mixing and wrapping sequences.
  • Bulk Monitoring
  • Siemens OP27
  • Replacement of an old Zilog 8080 control system with a new Siemens S7 318 PLC. This high speed control system uses fast I/O, Siemens FM350 encoders and high speed interrupts to control the cutting in a paper mill. OP27 and TD17 operator panels allow control and fault anaylsis by operators and maintenance personnel.
  • During Commissioning

    Replacement of several old Allen Bradley PLC2 systems with up to date models (SLC or ControlLogix). Allen Bradley
  • Maintenance and continual modification/improvements to the Spring Loading and testing system at an automotive spring manufacturer. This consists of 5 Siemens andAllen Bradley PLCs linked Intouch or Siemens SCADA systems. Positoining controllers such as the Siemens IP240 are used to control booms (linear and rotation) and grabs (X, Y, Z axes).
  • Upgrade from Siemens Wf470 to Siemens Protool/Pro system for several local manufacturing plants
    Vaccum Cell
  • Maintenance and commissioning of Electron Beam Welder machines for a world wide company. These consist of the Electron Beam welder linked to a CNC and Siemens PLC with a graphics user interface for operator access.
  • Implementation of Toilet Extraction Systems for British Rail. A typical system consists of over 30 PLCs linked to a main Control Unit. This project controlled the emptying of toilets on the Channel Tunnel Trains with simple operator displays at each SMP to maximise ease of use.
  • Clark's Shoes

    Update of old Siemens S5 PLC (including robotic control) to new current Siemens S7 system.

    A custom wire manufacturer use MR Control to upgrade the control system. This included Allen Bradley SLC5/04 with encoder cards linked via DeviceNet to 4 Eurotherm 590+ drives. Operator panels, such as Panelview 600 units .were used to control the line with Intouch SCADA collecting OEE and downtime information.
    Sample C++
  • Continual writing of custom protocols for a local company. The protocols are written in C++ and FORTH and were used to link the company's own Graphical Operator Interface Units to many PLCs including Siemens, Gem, Allen Bradley, GE-Fanuc, Mitsubishi and others.
  • Continual modifications to the software for the Club Biscuit Production Line at The Jacob's Bakery, Liverpool. This involves upgrading the software and linking the existing control and recipe handling software to reduce downtime by up to 90%. The line consists of 15 Allen-Bradley PLCs linked by the Data Highway Plus to a VIEWpoint Graphic System.
  • Paper Mill

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