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Mitsubishi Page

Which Mitsubishi PLCs can you program? All of them (see below)
F Series
Older PLCs now discontinued

FX Series

Once the best small PLC available.
A Series
Good mid to large size PLC
Alpha Series
New PLC systems now available

Mitsubishi Graphics Systems

Which Mitsubishi Graphics Systems can you program? Most of them

E900 etc

Badged operator panels, work well

MAC Series

Reliable, functional units with reasonable programming software

Mitsubishi Programming Software

Which Mitsubishi programming software do you use?
DOS is still the best...


Simple, easy to use very nice software (various version are available, everyone likes it!)
Simply just peculiar software (what a disappointment after the DOS Medoc!)
Ideosyncratic windows version (again, very strange after the excellent DOS software)

Mitsubishi Programming Hardware

What Mitsubishi Hardware do you need?

Programming Cables

RS485 interfaces, the cables are fairly cheap



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