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Siemens PLCs

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Siemens S7 PLCs

S7 1500

Replacement for the S7-300 series, programmed with TIA V15 software.

S7 1200

Replacing the S7-200, the lower end TIA PLC programmed with the latest, still very clunky, TIA V15 software.

S7 300

An industry leader in PLC performance. Can use powerful Ethernet capability, supporting Profibus and Ethernet/IP (and ProfiNet) remote I/O. The Step 7 programming Software is mostly compatible with the 400 series (but sadly not the 200!). Motion control available in various forms including Simotion and Sinamics as well as the old FM357-2 and FM354 type cards.
Which Siemens PLCs can you program?
We can program all of them including all obsolete S5 PLCs
Small but powerful PLCs suitable for small to medium applications. Remarkably cheap operator panels also available. High speed counters on board give this a very useful niche.
S7 400
Top of the Range Siemens PLCs - suitable for all high powered tasks
Siemens S5 90, 95, 100 to 155 PLCs
We have performed many upgrades successfully using S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs to minimise downtime

S7 Siemens Ladder

Siemens Graphics Systems

We regularly convert old WF470 systems to current standards (WinCC Flexible, WinCC Classic or TIA Comfort, Basic, Advanced or Professional)
Which Siemens Graphics Systems can you program? Most of them, there have been quite a few...
Siemens WF470
(Obsolete) This is a very common character based system. it is complex to program but was one of the first PLC graphics systems to use colour. We have converted many of these to later graphic systems.
Many different Siemens systems were sold under the COROS label - we can program most of them. Such interfaces include the Siemens TD10.
OP TD Protool lite
Text only operator display system, functional but limited for Siemens Touch or button panel, such as OP7, OP17, OP30


Siemens Protool (replaced with WinCC Flexible Micro/Compact then TIA Basic/Comfort)

Reliable, functional units with the somewhat better than usual programming software, for Siemens Touch or button panels such as OP25, OP27, OP35, OP37 and many others.

Siemens Protool Pro (replaced with WinCC Flexible Advanced then TIA Advanced)

Protool/Pro runs on PC based system (Siemens PC670 or any other PC, preferably (though not always) running Windows NT or 2000) This has Visual BASIC scripting built-in and therefore can replace much larger SCADA systems (within some limitations)
Siemens WinCC Classic

WinCC is still the top-end Siemens SCADA system - this has client/server functionality plus web browser and complete redundant systems integration. A vast amount of add-on functionality is still available

Siemens TIA WinCC Comfort & Basic

TIA WinCC has replaced WinCC Flexible and programs the low and middle HMIs, both comfort and basic versions

Siemens TIA WinCC Advanced

TIA WinCC replacement for WinCC Flexible Advanced. Typically runs on a PC with ethernet connections to your PLCs

Siemens TIA WinCC Professional

TIA WinCC alternative to WinCC Classic. This software has many advanced features

Siemens WinCC Flexible2008 (Now replaced with TIA)

Win CC Flexible replaced Protool and has powerful functionality. It is always suitable for small to medium HMI/SCADA applications.


Siemens Positioning Modules
Which Siemens Positioning Modules have you used? Most of them, there have been quite a few...
Stepper module for the S7-200 series
New drives with some motion control capability built-in. Fine for simple "move accurately to position" type motion applications.
Simotion C
Simotion D
Simotion P
The latest Siemens motion control systems suitable for all motion control applications. Capabilities include print registration, cam following, robotic position etc.
(Obsolete) This S5 based system was extensively used in the motor industry
Encoder position module - incremental encoders both 5V and 24V, SSI absolute encoders
high precision Servo control module
high precision Stepper Motor control module

multi axis servo control module

FM357 and FM357-2
4 axis positioning module - CNC Equivalent for high precision and control by programs

If you are converting from S5 to S7 Classic then

Click here for information about bugs in the "Converting S5 Files" process in Step 7



S7 315-2 DP Ladder Program


We also perform off-site and on-site Siemens Training

to any level - beginner, intermediate and advanced

Siemens Training to any level

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