Custom Panel Build
We design, build, install and commission
all types and sizes of control panels.
If you need a single control panel or a complete
system look no further. Our panel build facilities
allow us to engineer, design, build and test complete
projects in-house. Our internal standards ensure the highest quality
workmanship and full compliance with industry
standards and international legislation.

Our comprehensive range of test and simulation equipment allows
thorough testing of all electrical panels & systems prior to
installation. We also offer a range of on site electrical
installation and commissioning services:

  • Electrical Design, Schematics & Panel Layouts (GAs)
  • Panel Build
  • Panel Testing
  • Panel Certification
  • Supporting Documentation
  • Floor standing or wall mounting panels for OEMs and End Users
  • Site Installation
  • Commissioning

    Motor Control Centres
    We design and build Form Factor 2
    & Form Factor 4 MCCs for controlling motors of all sizes -
    from fractional horsepower up to 500Kw.
    Our intelligent MCCs embrace the latest
    technology from Siemens and Rockwell Automation
    using Ethernet connectivity to optimize your
    production and reduce costs.
    We employ Direct On Line Control, Soft Starters
    and Variable Speed Inverter Drives where the
    application dictates.

    Certified & tested bus bar assemblies

    We supply fully tested bus bar assemblies

    MR Control is a "BE EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assured" &
    "Safe Contractor Accredited" Company
    (c) MR Control 1999-2018