Motion Control
AC Variable Speed Inverter Control
For controlling pumps or fans, compressors, conveyors, and the multitude of applications
where AC motors are used.
We can substantially reduce (up to 40%) the energy costs of your application or plant by
installing variable speed drives on existing AC motors.
Single & Multi Axis Servo Control
MR Control has designed many projects that require the use of precisely controlled
automated motions. We are specialists in complex motion control using high-performance
single and multi-axis drives for an extremely wide range of Industrial applications.
Our extensive experience covers applications which often demand high levels of
accuracy and maximum throughput.
We know how to apply the latest Servo technology to solve your application.
  • Textile machines
  • Printing machines
  • Paper machines
  • Hoisting and lifting equipment
  • Handling and assembly systems
  • Machine tools
  • Specialist in-feed systems
  • Packaging & wrapping machines
  • Pick and Place systems
    DC Drives
    We also employ, upgrade & replace DC Drives in a wide range of applications including
    Plastics and Rubber Extruders, Textile & Paper machines.
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